South Cali provide an epic range of value-for-money sunglasses with polarized lenses, inspired by that stretch of ocean paradise in Southern California. Each design is polarized, unisex, and UV-400 rated. In their early days they became entrenched in the Californian summer; the waves, the trees, and the sea. South Cali sunniest was born as an extension of that connection. A collection of sunglasses designed to reflect the environment and protect your eyes from the elements while you're out in the world. That timeless stretch of winding coast, warm desert mountains and salty sea. There's no chosen path or final destination.

No time or pressure or purpose. Just home. Paradise. And the feeling that they are here again for the summer. In Southern California. They wanted to find the coolest sunglasses in the world and make them accessible to Australians. Today they ship their specialist frames from Melbourne to friends and fans all over the world. They are influenced by the university culture on the East Coast of the United States, the campus parties and East Side prep, laced with a laconic, California state of mind. With a focus on Australian customers, South Cali creates unique sunglasses for people with a sense of fun, fashion and style.

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