Saba's Kids

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"We sponsor the education of disadvantaged Balinese kids to help them stay in schooland have a brighter future. There are many children in Bali living in extremely poor conditions where their only option is to drop out of primary school and work in the fields, as their fathers and forefathers have done for centuries.These agricultural areas are shrinking with the addition of new and wider roads to accommodate the growing tourist demand for more hotels, villas and restaurants. The children in these areas will have very little or no work at all.However, with your sponsorship through Saba's Kids and Bali Children Foundation, these children will be able to stay at school, finish high school, get employment or go on to University or Technical College. With their strong sense of community, the whole family and village will benefit from their education." website: www.sabaskids.com Insta: @sabaskids

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