Royal Balinese Dining


Bale Puputan was built in tribute to the Balinese Heroes who sacrificed their lives during the “Battle to the Last Man” against the Dutch Colonialism. These were the battles of Puputan of Badung in 1906 and Klungkung in 1908. The Royal Balinese Dining Room is inspired by the service to Balinese Kings of their subjects.

Guests can enjoy the comfort of the antique regal armchairs while they dine at the largest 19th century whole marble table in the country surrounded by antique statues representing the creatures of Balinese mythology. Here guests can experience the elegant imperial dining of the Balinese kings and princes as they lived at the beginning of the Dutch colonial era.

The dishes are presented on Dulang (Balinese-style Wooden Offering Plate), some of the regally fine and traditional Balinese dishes served are Babi Guling (a whole Suckling Pig), Bebek Betutu (Roasted Duck that is cooked in coconut husks for twenty-four hours), Jukut Meurab (Marinated Vegetables in Grilled Coconut), Lawar Kacang (Marinated Long Beans and Chicken) and Jukut Ares (Banana Stem Soup with Chicken).

Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Bali