Rejunevating Healthy Spa Cuisine

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Centuries ago, before the word ?spa? was even used in common language, the people of Indonesia had believed that health and beauty were to be promoted from inside both the body and mind.This rejuvenating menu features a selection of tropical juices and vegetable concoctions, Tim Ikan Babah (fresh catch of the day steamed with ginger, scallion, mushroom and served with steamed rice and vegetables), healthy Nasi Campur Vegetarian (a lighter and healthier version of the family recipe from Mbok or Madam Sarinem of East Java that is a brown rice platter with grilled soybean cake and crisp tofu, turmeric pickles and several other home created dishes). End the meal with a choice from our selection of organic herbal infusions from our garden Dining can be held at our most intimate table for two by the Gubug Nglamun Leha-Leha Spa, our outdoor spa that is tenderly caressed by the ocean breeze, and shaded by tropical palm leaves.

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