Pusering Jagat Temple


Pura Pusering Jagat is indeed an important temple in Bali. This temple includes one of the six temples of the universe that plays in the middle. In Hindu cosmology, the middle is the sthana (place of residence) of Lord Shiva. Pusering Jagat Temple is located in the village of Pejeng which in the past was the center of the Old Bali Kingdom. Many suspect that the word pejeng comes from the word pajeng which means umbrella. It is from this village that the ancient Balinese kings protect the people. However, there is also a suspect that the word originated from the word pengajang (Old Javanese language) which means light. Believed, from this rays of brilliance radiated throughout the universe.

Buahan Kaja, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572