Piyama Bridal Party Robes


Inspired by endless summer days spent in the tropics, Piyama evokes an enviable lifestyle of luxury living. The versatile range covers high quality sleepwear, loungewear and beachwear. Natural, soft flowing fabrics, featuring our own textile print designs are hand-crafted into dreamy, feminine ensembles. Wearability and comfort are the cornerstone of the design process, which is complimented by the laid-back-luxe appeal intrinsic to Piyama's identity and soul. In essence, Piyama values moments of pure serenity, whether it??s reading a book, lighting a candle, having a bath, sleeping in, whatever it might be ??? embrace this, and make it your daily ritual. Recognise in our fast-paced lifestyles, that taking time our for ourselves is essential in maintaining inner balance & harmony. Piyama Bridesmaid Robes are our best selling Etsy product, with brides & bridesmaids from all over the world ordering our unique, hand-crafted robes to wear getting wedding ready. We also offer discounts for bulk robe purchases. Check out our bundles deals here: