OAZIA FAshion Gallery


The history of OAZIA began in 2009 when we opened OAZIA Spa Villas, with a vision to create a place where life is replete with total luxury, beauty and harmony, a place where guests are welcomed like friends and spoiled like babies, a place where people find peace and transform their lives. Bali became our spiritual home, while the whole wide world around us remains our inspiration.

Famous as the creator of a new interior style known as 'Holistic Design', OAZIA is a celebration of beauty in all its forms. 'Holistic Design' combines responsible green attitude, respect for local traditions and appreciation of local crafts with modern clean lines and open spaces - at the same time using classic laws and proportions. 'Holistic Design" will always be the uniting concept behind every OAZIA project. We strongly believe that good design is the ultimate essential ingredient of a happy and healthy life - and our OAZIA Architectural Design Studio follows that mantra with every project..

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