NewEarth Haven


NewEarth Havens are hubs where people engage in innovative, exquisite expression and self-realization. Consciously designed bio architectural eco domes set within a stunningly situated community infrastructure provide the physical framework for the spark of pure creativity to ignite and mingle with the elements of life.

A space of beauty, harmonic natural relationship and sensuous pleasure that holds the nurturing creative essence for all visitors to celebrate their individual experience, whilst recognizing the enchanted truth of interconnectedness and the foundation of community.

Designed to hold a high frequency resonance year round, the space will be an incubation center and originative combustion hub of short to mid-term visitors, and time share resident alike.

+62 (0) 813-3888-5397

Jalan N Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang, Kelusa, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80561

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