Mana Kitchen


Mana Kitchen is an organic, probiotic, life-nourishing restaurant where Indonesian cuisine meets Japanese superfood.

Located inside an eco-hotel (Mana Earthly Paradise) run by Earth Company, an NGO that supports changemakers striving to make the world a better place, it is the first circular-designed probiotic restaurant opened in Ubud.

Inspiring from the traditional Balinese philosophy “Tri Hita Karana - Harmony with God, people and nature” our aim is to awaken our body, mind and soul to this harmony through the perfect combinations of probiotic Japanese seasonings and lifeful ingredients in tasty Indonesian flair.

Japan is well known for its people’s health and longevity. One of its secrets lies in the long-standing macrobiotic cooking techniques with fermented ingredients. In Mana Kitchen, our superpower is the three key probiotic ingredients: Amazake, Shio-koji, and Koso-genmai. Amazake - Ancient super-drink Literally meaning ‘sweet sake’, amazake is an ancient Japanese superdrink. This 1000+ year-old probiotic, non-alcoholic fluid made from fermented whole grain rice was traditionally served at Shinto shrines as a sacred offering. At Mana Kitchen, we use this as a sweetener, instead of sugar. Shio-koji - Probiotic salt Used in Japan for centuries as an all-star ingredient, shio-koji has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years with the increasing interest in fermented foods. The enzymes contained in shio-koji break down proteins to pull out flavors, and this process also contributes to tenderizing meat and fish. The enzymes also decompose starches to draw out the sweetness from ingredients. It has a rounder taste than ordinary salt. Koso-genmai - Probiotic Rice Invented by Dr. Nagaoka about 60 years ago, koso-genmai is brown rice with red beans, cooked in a particular way. The cooked rice is kept in a thermo for up to 10 days, allowing the rice to ferment, become probiotic, and darken its color over time. After 10 days of fermentation, the enzyme content increases by 100 times. It contains 6 times more fiber and 1200 times more vitamin E than white rice.

We use heirloom vegetables from our permaculture garden and other organic sources. Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties, open-pollinated instead of hybrid, saved and handed down through multiple generations of families. They deliver bright flavors, rich nutrition and fascinating history. This is important because so much of the food that we consume nowadays is essentially lifeless and nutrition-less due to “the third-agricultural revolution”. White rice grains don’t sprout if you plant them. They yield large volumes but dilute the nutrition content. White wheat is similarly devoid of regenerative properties. Most vegetables sold at supermarkets are made from F1 seeds that are designed for one-generation consumption.

We are what we eat. Food is medicine in itself. Mana Kitchen provides food the way the earth has blessed us with. We call it “awakening food” because when we consume food the most natural way, it awakens all our senses. Of course, we do not allow GMO vegetables, MSG seasoning, microwaves, and other evils to enter our kitchen. Blessed with heirloom vegetables we make our vege broth from their most nutritious parts - skins and seeds that usually get thrown away.

Our vege broth soup is filled with powerful nutrients - phytochemicals. Phytochemicals have strong anti-oxidative effects and other traits that protect vegetables from external aggressions. Our practice maximizes the benefits of vegetables to its full potential while minimizing food waste. We say NO to Beef.

We are not a vegetarian restaurant but we decided against serving beef because it's one of the most unecological food todate. This popular red meat requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken and 11 times more water. Production of beef accounts for a staggering 80% of the total greenhouse gas emitted by all livestock. Our menu is created by Chef Yasuhiro Higa, an expert in macrobiotic cooking and food-as-medicine. He holds extensive experience in French Cuisine and traveled extensively around Japan to work with local food producers and restaurants to maximise the potential of unique, locally grown produce and revitalizing local economies.

As a new addition to Eath Company’s operation, Mana Kitchen embraces its mission of creating a world that can be passed onto future generations. Circularity is in its heart of design. It is a design concept which resources are continuously cycled in various forms, following a reuse and recycle loop. Therefore, nothing is wasted. Mana kitchen is constructed only by reclaimed woods, uses solar power for all its lighting, circulates rainwater, composts food waste and uses upcycled plates and glasses to be as earth-friendly as possible.

Open Everyday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM for breakfast, lunch & dinner

+62 (0) 361-908 7788

Mana Earthly Paradise, Jalan Raya Sayan Banjar Emas, Gang Emas Sayan Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80571

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