Lynley Weddings


Her reputation is her name and organising an event from 20 to 500 from the time each guest arrives to departure never phases Bali's most sought after hostess.

Lynley is a friendly professional who combines creative talents with flawless organisation to bring every event vision to life.

Combine perfect exotic cuisine, toss it with an idealic atmosphere and location and serve it with exceptional service, these are all essential ingredients to Lynley's catering and events success.

As an experienced hostess, Lynley is able to bring to you the perfect function in an ideal paradise environment.

With a reputation for successfully blending creativity with practability, Lynley's unique range of services ensure consistency at a top level and together with her catering and functions team, Lynley has set the benchmark for weddings and events in Bali.

+62 (0) 821-4658-0369

Bali, Indonesia

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