Le Jaenzan Restaurant


A new restaurant has opened its doors in Lovina, it's on Jalan
Singaraja-Seririt in Kalibukbuk. That is 400 meters towards
Singaraja from the Lovina traffic lights just opposite Hotel

The restaurant is comfortable, the staff friendly and the owner
is a chef who has won many awards and has wide International
experience. The food is an interesting blend of elegant Balinese
cooking with an international touch. Cuisine Baru, so to speak.
What can go wrong really? Chef owner of place is Ketut Tangkas
who was for many years the executive chef at the Damai villas
which is known for its outstanding cuisine. It all started as a
hobby back in 1987 when Ketut started to explore the World
of Cooking? as a child and later as a teenager. After many years of cooking in restaurant in Indonesia and other countries, Ketut has finally opened his own restaurant which is a chef's dream coming true. Ketut hopes his customers will have a real gourmet experience tasting his creations.

JL Seririt-Singaraja, Kalibukbuk, Banyuasri, Kec. Buleleng, Lovina-Singaraja, Bali 81116, Indonesia