Jeep Expedition at West Bali National Park


This jeep tour will take you to Explore and discover the beautiful nature of west Bali, over night at the mountain villa, enjoy the atmosphere of countryside, Enter the rural area and see closely the villagers daily life, and also takes you to explore West Bali national park, Rambut siwi temple, Rubber palntation, Bunut bolong tree, waterfall in pupuan, and belimbing rice terraces.FIRST DAY :Explore the Bali's nature and countryside beauty, this tout will take you to the hearth of West Bali National Park, on the way to west Bali national park we will stop for coffee break at the rest area by the beach, with the black sand and the view of the Indian Ocean, and also stop at Rambut siwi temple, Located on a low cliff top overlooking a breathtaking panorama of paddy fields and and black sand beaches on the other side. The temple it self was built in the 16th century by the priest named Dang Hyang Nirartha, according to legend he gave a gift of his hair to the temple. and the name Rambut Siwi literally means ? Hair Worship?. After visiting the temple then continue to West Bali national park, West Bali National park consists of many type of forest, including rain forest, tropical forest, and also desert in the dry season and very green during rainy season. start by entering an area called Tegal bunder, Tegal Bunder is a tropical forest famous for the Bali starling bird conservation, this area also have many rare plantation like crocodile wood, then we are entering an area called Tanjung pasir, here we will drive along the coastline with the beautiful view of Gilimanuk bay ( the harbour for ferry going to Java island ) from here you can see Java island very close.Next is Prapatan agung Area, This area is one of the most important, protected area in west Bali national park, here you can find some Bali's rare animal like ; Cervus timorensis , Muntiacus muntjak ( deer ) Felis marmorata, Presbytis cristata ( type of big Black long tail monkey ), Wild pig, iguana and a lot more animals you can find here. There are 2 public temples in this park, such as Prapatan agung temple and Segara rupek temple. Here will visit a pond where usually the animals gathering to get water to drink during dry season. We will cook our typical picnic style Bali Jeep adventure lunch , with tropical fruit as your dessert and Bali coffee, usually we spend around 5 hours to explore the Bali West National Park. Enjoy your lunch and then continue the tour and the last is the conservation and bree

Sumber Klampok, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia