Imaji Bali


They are video editors and album layouters for the wedding or prewedding here in Bali from 2006 before. and then they grow under the name of "Imaji" Bali.

Their ideas just come out significantly more than ever they can handle it. so they try to be a a little bit different way. now, beside they work at couple business and some documentary events, they learn how about making a good music video, a good movie, and still keep experimenting about anythings. and that make their shoot and style rather unique than before.

They still stand at wedding prewedding business here in Bali. They partnership with many studios, production houses, event organizer, wedding organizer and more. and maybe they will handle yours. They are versatile with many experience from other production.

They dedicate their self to search a new idea in their spare time. try to make a movie, music video and the others. They are new for this segment but some people told us they have potential. everybody that support them make they believe they can make some excellent works.

They have a good team, brilliant idea, multi-talented and otherwise crazy people. They don't like usual things, they like to experiment something new.

+62 (0) 818-0533-3322

Jalan Sedap Malam 3 Gang Ratna XI no.10 Banjar Kebon Kori Mangku, Kesiman 80237

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