Ida Dukuh Mas Piningit - Bali Healer


Ida Dukuh is the spiritual reincarnation of his Great Grandfather, who was also a healer, and is a rare combination of various types of Balinese Healer. Usually, a Balinese Healer gains spiritual access through either reincarnation, as a medium with a particular deity, through the possession of a spiritual object (pusaka often a Kris), or through the studying of sacred Balinese texts (lontars).

Ida Dukuh is blessed with all of these attributes, providing him with the ability to diagnose and heal an immense range of problems, including issues of physical health, spiritual health, energy, relationships, life path, business, love, and your future.

Ida Dukuh?s spiritual guide is the Queen of the South Seas or Nyi Roro Kidul Source: known as Kanjeng Gusti Ayu Ratu Mas). Through meditation, Ida Dukuh communicates with Nyi Roro Kidul and other spirits to understand the source of your issues.

Through this communication Ida Dukuh is able to gain insight into issues concerning your present and the future. He also receives information about the need for all of us to return to a better relationship with nature. This relationship is his secret to living a full life with positive energy, health and happiness.

Ida Dukuh is a registered healer with the Balinese Government (Reg number: B-03/P.1.11/Dsp.5/10/2013). This means that he has passed assessment and proven both his access to the spiritual realm as well as his knowledge of herbal jamu medicine. Ida Dukuh is knowledgable with over 100 plant ingredients to make jamu for a wide range of ailments and health issues.

Other Passions
Ida Dukuh is also the president of the Wahyu Segara Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation started by himself and other volunteers in the community. In alignment with Ida Dukuh?s focus on the need to reconnect with nature, the foundation works continually on environmental projects in Nagasepaha ? particularly with tackling the scourge of plastic rubbish that litters the island of Bali.
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