Ibud Tattoo Studio

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Bali, aside from being known for its natural attraction, is also famous for its number of tattoo artists. Many visitors choose a tattoo as their enchanting memory of Bali. By crafting a tattoo on their skin, they would be able to have a long lasting reminder of their excursion to this isle of godneses. There are many styles of tattooing you can find in Bali including old school, freehand, tribal and so on. You can also find an ethnic tattooing style of Bali with the picture of Barong and Balinese carving. The safety of tattoos in Bali is guaranteed. The government really pays attention to the safety of the visitors by requiring all Bali Tattoo Studio to fulfill the standard they made. Each studio will have to have a tattooing license and will have to undergo regular check done by the related governmental institutions. Not only that, but Bali Tattoo Studio should also join Bali Tattoo Artist Club which is a club where all tattoo artists in Bali gather as one. Ibud Tattoo is one of Bali studio tattoos that fulfill all the requirements of being standardized studio. The safety and hygiene of all equipments are above all. Each customer will always have a fresh needle and ink that makes it safer and impossible to transmit any disease. The Bali tattoo artists gathered here are fully experienced and have handled so many tattoos from black tattoos to color tattoos. This tattoo studio is a favorite place for tattooing for both foreign visitors and domestic visitors.