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Ibu Rai, as she was known to many travelers, was born in 1925 in Peliatan,a neighbouring village. In 1946 she married to Dewa Putu Purna and lived with her family in Ubud ever since. Her husband was a teacher and when he died he leaved behind her with six young children. However, she was determined that they would receive a good education and she would work to that end.
She received a small pension from the government and supplemented that by opening a small warung (food stall) near the Ubud Palace. She sold food to the travelers who come to Ubud in the 60's. Her warung became quite famous. Travel books recommended Ibu Rai warung as a palace to find food that was safe for foreigners and good quality. Four of Ibu Rai children graduated from university and all became self supporting. In the 70's she no longer had the warung but she sold small pictures and a few sarongs at the small shop in front of her house. Her son, Dewa Gede, opened a restaurant in 1986 near the football field. As a tribute to his mother courage and enterprise he called his restaurant Ibu Rai Restaurant.

The Ibu Rai Restaurant you see today was built on the family land in 1992 because the contract for the one near the football field has expired. Ibu Rai who was very much respected by the member of the Ubud community was died in 2004. Her very big cremation was a testimony to the high esteem in which she was held. Today, Ibu Rai's grandson runs the restaurant and carries on his grand mother's. We wish to assure our customers that no M.S.G (Mono Sodium Glutamate) is used in this restaurant.

Our menu is specially selected for nutrition and natural flavours using the best and the freshest ingredients. We hope our pleasing presentation and friendly service will add enjoyment to your meal. For 30 year I knew and admired Ibu Rai, meeting her every year at her home in Ubud. She was not only very beautiful to look at, but also had a vibrant personality and boundless energy. She was a remarkable lady.

Open Everyday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

+62 (0) 361- 973 472

Jalan Monkey Forest No. 72, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

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