Huck Store


Huck Happystore is official store from Huck Bali. Huck Bali is one famous local brand saller store in Bali.Huck Bali have two store in Bali, first store is located Legian Street No 464, Kuta Distric, Badung Regency. Huck Bali established since 2009. Second store from Huck Bali is Huck Happystore Kediri. Huck Happystore Kediri is located Ahmad Yani Street No.106, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency. Huck Happystore Kediri berdiri established since 28 November 2012. Huck Happystore Kediri sells local brand from Bali,local brand like a Huck Cothing, Dynamite Clothing, Cibola Clothing, Handmad Clothing, Furious Clothing, Fist Clothing, Virtous Clothing. That is local brand was sells in Huck Happystore Kediri. Huck Happystore also support padmaboys surfer, local inde band like King Of Panda, Gommora, Blingsatan, etc and support comedian actor Adith Insomnia. Huck Happystore Kediri have classic/vintage concept for their store because for make different from other store in Tabanan. ImageShopkeeper in Huck Happystore is very friendly, so make the custumer will be fell relax entering the store. Huck Happystore also have small garden and large parking in front of the store.Custumer will be see sunset from Huck Happystore in afternoon, that is greatness view from Huck Happystore. So, if visit in Bali must be come to Huck Bali store in Legian or Kediri for get famous local brand in Bali.

Open Everyday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Jalan Legian Kaja, Legian, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361