Homemade Beauty Product And Massage Workshop


Make your way into the therapeutic gardens of Ubud, Bali, as a professional walks you through the various herbs available there. So get cracking at this unique tour, as you not only pick out herbs that are necessary for beauty products, but also learn how to make them yourself. Here you'll learn how to make a face cream, a scrub and beauty masks. And once you've skillfully whipped up these products, get busy with learning how to give a divine massage. Surely a skill your family and friends would appreciate! But don't be fooled, the Balinese take their massages very seriously, which is why their massages are also very therapeutic. You'll be a beauty pro in no time! PLEASE BOOK 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE

+62 (0) 818-356 387

Ubud, Gianyar Bali

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