Greens Cafe & Shop

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First of all the owners are really nice! Next, this a great place to have a relaxing lunch or dinner( sunset is pretty nice here). The food is consistently good. They use fresh ingredients, from the bread to the vegetables and the menu has both western and Indonesian. The Gado-Gado is delicious! Fresh peanut sauce and veggies. The sandwiches are also fresh, they use a nice French bakery for the bread and again fresh meat or veggies. Well last but not least is the location. Set against a sea of rice fields that flow to the ocean in the distant, the view will not disappoint! there is a small walking/bicycle path that goes into the rice fields that is very close to the restaurant, If you want to have a stroll before or after your meal. Feel the breeze and have a memorable meal at this gem of a place.

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