Half Day Team Building Activities In Tanjung Benoa Beach

Nusa Dua

Rundown Program:ICE BREAKING:Before start the activity we will give some Ice Breaking for the participant .All the participant will be share in several team, make yel yel for the team and choice the team leader. Every team have the same members, they will make competition with the others team in several games that we prepared. There are 2 ? 3 games activities in this Ice Breaking :01. On Focus ( Bingo ): Participants will form a circle and then the game master will inform the cue to count from 1 - count desired by master game, but the rules are multiples of 3 numbers will be replaced with the title Bingo, for participants who make mistakes will form a circle inside a circle shadow initially. We'll see where that will eventually circle bigger, if the circle of Focus On mistakes or previous circle.02. Tapak Bumi : Game master will divide the participants into teams, after the team was formed game master will give the cue on each team to stand or step on the earth using some hands and feet. Example: stand with 5 arms and 5 feet, so each team can only have 5 feet and 5 hands touching earth.03. Pearl shells: Participants will be guided by the games master of the participants where one is going to be there the shells and pearls will continue to change in accordance with the instructions of the game master.THE GAMES ARE:01. Hula hoop/Ring Transfer : Group team participants must transferring hula ? hoop property from starting at number one participant to finish at last the participant and than back again to start. But when they transferring the hula ? hoop property Hand of participant still takes between the hands all participants.02. Water Tower: The target is makes the balls through up from the pipe chamber, its need team work and good coordination in the teams.03. Bulldozer: Participant on the group team do it some like bulldozer from our property that is like circle Tarpaulin. The participants on group stand in side circle tarpaulin and then working from Start to finish.04. Ball transfer: Participant on the group team make competition with other group from start to finish using Some property that is ball transferred. But when they transferring the ball from start to finish By some pipe the ball not going put from the pipe. Who is group do it going out and lose from The pipe they must try again from the start until success the mission.05. Save The Holly Water : Participant on the group team make competition with other group from start to Finish using some

Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali