Geriya Tanah Kilap Temple


Pura Tanah Kilap is located in Br. Suwung, Pemogan - Denpasar. Its a place to worship with Queen Ida Bhatara Niang Sakti, which is very popular indulgent. The spirit of Bali Hindu people do not need to fade to religious ceremonies. So there is every ceremony of several Hindu shrines that are not foreign incursion into the Bali people. As the celebration of the Feast Pagerwesi Wednesday (2 / 6) yesterday. Some Pura in Kuta and the surrounding area visited by many people to do persembahyangan together.
Such as the atmosphere in Geriya Tanah Kilap Temple, which is located in the east of Statues Dewa Ruci, Kuta. In fact, according to Made Sudiarsa, one of the guard vehicles parked there, residents have been busy since the start at 07.00 Wita. So the atmosphere is quite visible on krodit front of the famous Pura wheeling it.

Jalan Griya Anyar No.104, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Bali 80361