Full-body Balinese Massage Above The Ayung River


This beautiful spa is located amongst nature, off the serene Ayung River Valley in Ubud, Bali – the islands culture capital. If you're looking for some relaxing activities in Bali to do, then this is it!

A Balinese massage is the ultimate spa experience therapy to ease all types of stymptoms including depression, stress and anxiety. The spa is located above the serene green Ayung River Valley in Ubud, the island’s cultural capital. On arrival you’ll be treated to some fresh juices and you’ll begin walking a picturesque path amongst the trees to where your massage bed awaits you.

Your spa treatment will include a TRADITIONAL FULL-BODY BALINESE MASSAGE that combines palm and thumb pressure through out your whole body to reduce tension in your muscles.

A Balinese massage is a holistic spa experience, which uses a combination of gentle stretches and some acupressure similar to reflexology. Balinese massages are known to ease fatigue, improve and relieve lymphatic and muscular systems. They use aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood which improves blood pressure and, of course, ease over all stress. It will bring a sense of well-being, deep relaxation and calm.

Balinese massage traditions are rich in history and have been used as treatments for hundreds of years. Whilst you’re receiving this wonderful spa experience you’ll be listening to the sounds of the peacefully flowing river and the birds in the trees. A wonderful experience for singles or a romantic activity for couples. Whilst in the area there are lots of things to do in Ubud, so have a walk around and experience some of Bali's best culture.

*Include: Hotel pick up in the area of Ubud.

Kedewatan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571