Franksland Uniform Manufacture


We design and create uniforms that combine form, function and comfort, based on our extensive knowledge and expertise in textiles and design. 
Our attention to detail and deep respect for our customers' individuality and image enable us to recommend and customize apparel designs according to all style, fabric and finishing requirements. 
It's always more fun to work with a well-made stylish uniform. 
It also motivates employees by cultivating a strong sense of pride and unity among employees through aesthetically designed and well-fitted uniforms. 
Franksland manufacture has been established in Indonesia since 2002. 
15 years heritage at the top end of the Fashion market, awards and a proven track record in delivering quality uniform solutions makes Franksland an ideal choice for the most discerning of clients. 
By offering direct access to the designer customers have the ability to discuss any specific needs they may have with us.  Time to say good bye to your old boring uniform.