Elysium Spa


Elysium sets a high end spa service and provides a friendly and warm atmosphere, affordable to everyone. Come and enjoy the stairway to heaven. Elysium Spa - Time to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Opening hours from 9 am to 10 pm.


Balinese Massage
The most relaxing Balinese massage combining stretching, long stroke, palm, and thumbs pressure the deep penetration of blended pure essential oil to improve the circulatory on lymphatic, muscular, and nervous system.
60 minutes IDR 185,000  l  90 minutes IDR 265,000

Aroma Massage
This massage is designed with warm essential oil to ease body tension and invigorate the senses. Those who desire a good night sleep improve circulation and alleviate insomnia symptoms.
60 minutes IDR 195,000  l  90 minutes IDR 285,000

Warm Stone Massage
A head-picked century rocks, warmed to a certain temperature, placed on part of the body points to release tentions. This therapy designed to relieve stiffness, restore energy, and balance.
60 minutes IDR 199,000 l 90 minutes IDR 299,000

Candle Nut Massage
Designed to combine a body moisturizing treatment and massage in one application. Offers you a deep relaxation touch with candle nut scribs over your body to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.
60 minutes IDR 199,000

The Revitalizing Massage
This treatment is focusing to loosens muscle tensions on the neck, shoulder, and back due to daily stress.
30 minutes IDR 95,000

Foot Massage
Acupressure and massage on your feet to release toxins and restore body energy flow.
30 minutes IDR 95,000 l 60 minutes IDR 145,000

Elysium Traditional Facial
Our signature mineral facial with sea mineral and aloe vera to renewal of the new cells on your face.
60 minutes IDR 125,000



Elysium Body Scrubs & Body Mask

Eden Kuta Hotel, Jl. Kartika Plaza No. 42, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia