Dragon Safari - Full Day Wildlife Package


This package includes a safari journey, a visit to the fresh water aquarium, lunch at the restaurant, an animal show, an elephant show, Bali Agung Show (silver seat), access to the water-park and the fun zone.SAFARI JOURNEYGet 'up close' and personal with the animals as they approach your window side. Take pleasure when you plunge into 'Lake Manyara' where the Hippopotamus hang out all day to keep cool, get close enough to count the zebra's stripes, enter the Lion's den if you dare! Do your best to spot the tigers hiding in the dense jungle and be captivated by the enormous size of our male White Rhinoceros named Nelson.FRESH WATER AQUARIUMFresh Water Aquarium is the only place that you can see thousand of fish with any shapes that come from many rivers around the world. LUNCH AT UMA RESTAURANTTaste the Balinese heritage traditional recipe! Uma (means Paddy-field) Restaurant is an All-day Dining with a village theme serving International, Asian, and local specialties prepared freshly from open-concept counters.ANIMAL SHOWAnimal show will tell various animals' behaviors in Bali. Some of them are intelligent animals that can be friend with human being like Elephant, Orang Utan, Cockatoo and Poodles until predator animals like Eagles.Orangutan is one of large primata species in Kalimantan (Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus) dan Sumatra (Pongo pygmaeus abelli). Among the primata group, Orangutan is the third most intellegent primata after Chimpanzee and Gorilla. Orangutans spend most of their times on the trees (Arboreal). Their basic food is fruit, green young leaves until bird eggs. Here in Bali Safari & Marine Park we will see the intellegence of trained Orangutans and birds.ELEPHANT EDUCATIONAL SHOWYou can enjoy yourself with the Elephant trail, cuddles with the baby Elephants, take some pictures, elephant feeding and also you can see the elephants education show. These elephants education show tells about the characteristics, their habits in the wild, and the differences between Sumatran elephant and African elephant. Elephant is the biggest wild animal since its body weight can be 5,000 kg, while the female weight is lighter. The spreading out of Asian elephants is in India, Peninsula, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka. Comparing to the African elephants, Asian elephants have smaller body. These wild animals live in groups, consisting about 10-30 elephants in a group. Their foods are all kinds of grasses and fruits. Only male elephants have ivory tusks. The tusks start to gr

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