Dining Javanese Celebration


“Selamatan” literally means celebration in Javanese. Selamatan Jaranan is one of most festive celebrations existing on the island of Java, in the East Java region and it is usually for “happy” occasions, such as a birthday, or sunatan (the circumcision ritual), where as part of the ritual, “Jaran Kepang”, a traditional Javanese dance, is performed, and includes the “trance” stage of the dancer while riding a “colorful bamboo horse” holding grass-made whip, “pecut,” and following the rhythm of “gamelan”, a traditional Javanese musical instrument. Jaran means ‘horse’ in Javanese.

Set along the corridor of Bale Agung, at a modest long table set with chair-less dining and served with colorful “jaran” and “pecut”, terracotta plates, lit by lampu “sentir” the traditional coconut-oil lamp, guests experience the traditional Javanese “selamatan” dining with its rustic colorful table set-up and decoration.

The meal starts with tea or kopi tubruk (Javanese-style tea or coffee), then layers of Sego Kuning (Turmeric Steamed Rice) and Sego Gurih (Coconut Steamed Rice with Perkedel Lombok (Red Chili Stuffed with Potato Fritter), Terancam (Fresh Vegetable Salad) and a Pitik Ingkung (Stewed Chicken in Coconut Milk) are presented on banana leaf-covered square wooden plates.

According to Javanese dining traditions, the important part of a meal is the dessert, so the meal is complimented by Gedang (banana) and Jajanan Pasar (an array of traditional Indonesia sweets).

Experience the Selamatan Jaranan and be surrounded by the rich, colorful culture of Java.

Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Bali