Culinary Adventure & Hiking


By taking this tour, you won't just be hiking to a mount top, but rather to a sacred Balinese Temple for blessings. This hike is 2.5 hours long, 1,058 meters above sea level, and located atop Belibis mountain. So pull those socks up, put on your walking shoes and head out for this magnificent hike.

It's said that your hike up to the sacred temple of Lempuyang is a spiritual journey. You're due to pass misty ancient pandan forests, vanilla vines, native orchids, along a combination of grassy paths lined with lemon grass and steep rocky tracks.

And while your hike up offers such spectacular views, reaching this temple offers a whole different kind of perspective, with the vastness of Bali and stunning scenery scattered all around you. From overlooking the Karangasem valley to the ocean and across to mighty Mount Agung, Bali’s famous volcano, it is quite a breath-taking view - which makes the hike up all worth it.

You shall be welcomed with a traditional ginger and ginseng morning coffee and some jajan cakes. Following that, your tour guide will lead you into the temple where a priest shall bless you with holy water gathered from the insides of the bamboo growing near the temple.

From there, you shall began your descent down some 1,700 steps. Along your journey you will cross several other sacred temples and places of spiritual importance. Finally, when you reach the bottom, you shall be picked up and taken to Bali Asli, some 15 minutes away, for a well - earned megibung lunch (menu will be change every day), served on woven bamboo platters in the style of the Royal family of Karangasem designed for you to share. read more from booking link!

Bunutan, Abang, Seraya ,Karangasem, Karangasem, Bali 80852