Coffee Tour In The Kintamani Village


Enjoy a beautiful trip to the fabled Kintamani highlands; home of Bali’s finest coffee. Step into a fragrant wonderland of aromatic coffee trees.
You will walk the path through the magnificent hillside plantation and learn about the history, development and roasting of one of the world’s most famous brews.
A Balinese Feast will follow, overlooking the spectacular Mount Batur and crater lake, at the Kintamani Lakehouse Resort. Lunch on gently spiced Mujair, Mozambique Tilapia, caught from the lake, beans in roasted coconut, fritters, red rice, sambal and local dessert.
You will finish with freshly brewed Kintamani coffee, inhaling the crisp mountain air and watching the village world go by. read more from booking link!

Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali