Be An Elephant Trainer For A Day


Learn the tricks of the trade on how to handle gentle giants, a.k.a elephants, in this unusual yet memorable tour. For a day you shall shadow a mahout (caretaker of elephants) as you learn how to command, feed, and get on and off the elephants. But before you start on your lesson, dig-into delectable breakfast at the Elephant View Restaurant at the zoo. Following that, you shall ride the elephant from a 100-year old Sumatran buffalo house, to the Wos River - site of your training.Your lesson begins by learning how to bathe and scrub the elephants, then get cued in on how to behave around them, conduct basic vocal commands, control and drive the elephant , and lastly how to board and disembark the mammal safely.Next, ride the elephant back to the starting point, where you can feed the African lion family, stroll around the zoo, and photo ops with selected animals. Make haste as you don't won't to miss the delicious lunch with The Lions at the Wana Restaurant.Once you're done with this place, get back up on your elephant and ride out across the Wos River, though the wilderness and grassy valley. Take a short break at Bale Bengong for some young coconut drink, then trek up to a 500-year old temple.From there, head to the disembarkation point where you're ushered to the Jungle Socie Tea at Wana Restaurant. And to help you unwind from all your hard work through the day, your tour ends with a twist - a heavenly Balinese massage!Tour includes : - Hotel return transfers - Zoo entrance - Breakfast and Lunch - Training as mahout - Feeding Lion - Elephant riding and care - Balinese Spa