Balinese Rijsttafel In Jimbaran

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Enjoy a traditional Indonesian cuisine served in the traditional way with this Rijsttafel experience, the Indonesian style of sharing a meal with friends or family. Served in one of the comfortable birdcage cabanas nearby the Cabana Pool, your waiter will bring you a seemingly never-ending array of various local dishes from curries and salads to soup, satays, grilled fish in banana leaf, rice and desserts. Rijstaffel is best shared amongst a group, but is also available for two people to explore the diversity of dishes from around Indonesia. You will receive a souvenir of your hand-written menu on lontar (a type of wood traditionally used for palm leaf manuscripts) which has been made in Tenganan village of Karangasem, East Bali, as part of the resort's community outreach program.MENU***************APPETIZER**************(serve family style)Sate lilit (mince fish sate)Lawar (Balinese vegetable salad)Plecing kangkung (water spinach with sweet chilli) Soup(serve individual)Sop buntut (oxtail soup)MAIN COURSE**************(Serve family style)Rendang sapi (beef rendang)Gulai Ayam (yellow chicken curry)Babi kecap (stewed soy pork)Udang sambal merah (red sambal prawns) Bebek betutu (Balinese roast duck)Ikan pepes (grilled fish in banana leaf) Telor balado (stewed egg in chilli paste) Sambal matah (lemongrass and shallot sambal) Sambal tomat (tomato sambal)Sambal hijau (green chilli sambal) Nasi kunning (yellow rice) Nasi putih (jasmine rice)SWEET**************(serve individual)Bubur Injin (sticky black rice pudding) Dadar gulung (green rolls with candied coconut) Pisang goreng (banana fritters) Traditional Balinese kueAssorted tropical fruitsCoffee or Tea*Note that the price includes a Welcome drink

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