Balinese Feast & Dance Performance


Megibung is an exotic occasion of ancient Balinese dining, usually made for family gatherings, meeting or functions. In Megibung, the chair-less sitting arrangements are made from the north-end of the table, starting with the oldest member and ending with the youngest member at the other end of the long table. Each member of the gathering wears traditional Balinese clothing. Originally this traditional dining was held for every Balinese gathering, however these days this way of dining can only be found in few isolated villages in Bali. The menu presented according to the style of its tradition is typically Balinese and offers: Nasi Tumpeng (rice cones)-with the highest tumpeng presented to the oldest person and the shortest tumpeng presented to the youngest, Sate Lilit (Grilled Fish on Lemongrass), Udang Goreng (Crisp Fried Battered Shrimp). A roasted suckling pig, the Babi Guling, the most popular dish of Balinese dining, is available on requestThe original Megibung dining can be set in different areas :? For large groups of minimum 15 persons or families we recommend the Wantilan Agung, decorated with colorful palm leaves as well as colorful hibiscus and frangipani flowers. The Wantilan Agung is a long wooden walkway that was inspired by the sacred Bayung Gede village in Kintamani. The hall is guarded by mythological Boma heads, which the Balinese believe, can ward off evil spirits. ? For smaller parties the table can be set by the pond in the main Bale Agung area, and made ornate with lots of candles, water lily flowers and statues ? The third and grandest option is the Megibung set on the Garuda stage at the center of Bale Agung, under the protection of Garuda.