Bali Wedding and Pre Wedding Photography - Prayasa Photography


Departing from my old hobby that has elaborated in the field of photography finally dated February 23, 2008, I ventured to fly the flag "Prayasa Photography".

Prayasa itself comes from my last name. Anak Agung Wahyu Prayasa. I was born as the Balinese people who love nature and culture.

At first, photographing the landscape and culture of delight for me because it was so beautiful scenery and unique culture of Bali. Some of the photos depicting the majesty of nature and cultural diversity that I contributed at my gallery page.

In its development, the trend to conduct pre wedding photos and wedding in Bali is a must for every bride. Assisted with the development of the art of digital photography, it became a challenge for me to plunge further in this field.

And in the end, this website I suguhkan some prewedding photo gallery and a wedding that I was also equipped with info / tips pre-wedding photos, a selection of the best location and price prewedding do a photo shooting package.

Jl. Cempaka Biru Selatan No. 6 Buluh Indah, Denpasar â?? Bali