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At Spa Alila, we are committed to providing unique treatments from the heart, blending ancient Asian healing techniques with age-old beauty recipes featuring the curative benefits of fresh, natural, quality ingredients.

Trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and service, our local therapists combine their skills with the most essential element – warm, genuine care that flows from the heart through the hands, to stimulate, rejuvenate, balance and relax your mind and body.

Balancing expertise with an intuitive sense of well-being, and through the contemporary expression of centuries-old therapies, at Spa Alila we create a natural, heartfelt and surprisingly different experience. Indulge in head-to-toe pampering with our luxurious spa treatments, specially created to promote the cleansing and rejuvenation of your body while inducing total mental and physical relaxation.

We also offer combination spa packages and can create personalised wellness experiences that combine therapeutic and beauty treatments with yoga, meditation and health-conscious cuisine. Whether you choose a single treatment or a full-day programme, Spa Alila offers time for solitude, connection with your body and a renewed sense of well-being on many levels. You may refer to our treatment menu for details or consult with our spa hosts.

Spa Alila believes in all things natural, whether it be the Alila Living products or organic spa ingredients that complement our treatment range.

Our carrier massage oils are a pure blend of virgin coconut, sweet almond, kukui nut and wheat germ oils, rich in healing, nutritive and aromatherapeutic qualities. Virgin coconut oil is a truly unrefined coconut oil which we source from villages in East Bali, where fresh coconut is shredded then cold-pressed to make coconut milk, fermented then separated and filtered. Virgin coconut oil has a much longer shelf life than most other carrier oils due to its natural antioxidant properties and is best applied directly to the skin for moisturising and conditioning.

Sweet almond oil is an excellent scent-free carrier oil for aromatherapy essential oils and is also remedial in the treatment of itching, inflammation and dryness. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, with proteins and vitamins D and E, sweet almond oil is often referred to in naturopathy as the queen of all carrier oils. Mother-to-be and nut-free oils are also available at Spa Alila.


Gentle Purification Facial Experience the glowing results of exfoliating rice bran, detoxifying French red clay, and the toning oils of rose and lemon. This fresh yet gentle aromatic blend, rich in antioxidants, helps cleanse, nourish and protect the skin from harsh environmental elements.

A combination of pressure point and lymphatic drainage facial massage techniques will leave your skin looking alive, toned and lustrous! Treatment includes your very own take-home bottle of pure c eye & facial serum. Products used: Alila Living’s cucumber and aloe cleanser, hibiscus and rice bran facial scrub, lemon and hibiscus facial mask, pure c eye & facial serum, Indian fig finishing cream.


At Spa Alila, we draw on the benefits of a range of Asian and European massage techniques that can be tailored to your personal wellness needs. Allow our spa host to help you select the appropriate massage therapy and oils to suit your condition.

- Balinese Massage Feel tension dissolve with this ancient Balinese healing therapy that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and skin rolling to relieve muscle pain. Palm and thumb pressure techniques are also applied to unravel the deepest stress from within the muscles to improve blood flow and joint mobility.

- Therapeutic Massage Experience a complete body awakening with a combination of therapeutic massage techniques using fluent strokes of different depths and intensity. Long Balinese strokes improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Swedish deep tissue techniques work into muscles to relieve tension and stiffness. Acupressure points are used for specific stimulation, while Thai movements add elements of stretching to increase mobility.

- Reflexology Reflexology is based on the principle that energy flows freely around the body when we are in good health and that there are reflex areas on the feet that correspond to every part of the body, including major organs. Sit back and relax as your therapist applies varying degrees of pressure to specific points on the feet with thumb and fingers to unblock energy flow and promote the body’s natural healing from within.

- Warm Stone: The therapeutic power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this muscle relaxing massage. After our signature foot bath, smooth, heated river stones are used in rhythmic flowing strokes over the body to melt tension and soothe emotions. The stones are also placed on various energy points to stimulate the body’s natural healing potential.

- Shirodhara This 5000-year-old Indian therapy is physically rejuvenating, mentally refreshing, and just pure heaven. Experience perfect calmness and tranquillity as a stream of specially blended, warmed medicated oils is poured softly onto the third eye transporting your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, lowers metabolism, integrates brain function and induces mood stability. This dreamy treatment begins with an Ayurvedic pressure massage to melt away tension and stress.

- Pregnancy Massage Enjoy relief from the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy. This gentle, non-invasive approach to massage will ease your discomfort, reduce swelling and help lower stress. Feel yourself slip into a state of calm relaxation as our skilled therapist uses a lighter touch, concentrating on those areas most vulnerable to changes in your body.

- Children’s Massage A gentle and nurturing massage therapy dedicated to your little one’s health, well-being and development, featuring a citrus bubble foot bath and gentle coconut oil massage. Treatment may assist with pain reduction, anxiety, gastric problems and sleep patterns. But most of all, it just feels like fun!


- Balinese Hair Crème Bath
A mind-melting, intensely hydrating crème hair bath with essential oils of rosemary, lavender and grapefruit combined with a nourishing base of coconut and cocoa butter. A clay-based mask is massaged into the hair and scalp then left to condition, strengthen and hydrate while pressure point massage and palm strokes soothe the neck and shoulders. A warm steam is applied to open pores followed by a cool rinse with our signature shampoo and conditioner – the finishing touch for a renewed healthy sheen. Treatment includes a 100ml take-home tube of avocado hair smoothie.

- Hands and Feet Manicure
This indulgent spa manicure includes a stimulating hand scrub, soothing hand bath, relaxing hand massage and essential nail maintenance and grooming. Combinations of sea salt and lavender gently exfoliate, while shea butter and aloe nourish your skin. An infusion of cucumber seed and lemon essential oils provides an added layer of protection for the cuticles.

- Pedicure
Treat your feet to the attention they deserve! This pampering spa pedicure includes an invigorating foot scrub, relaxing foot bath, foot massage and essential nail care. Exfoliates of sea salt and papaya smooth and buff your skin, while extracts of ginger and lemongrass fight bacteria to leave feet feeling as fresh as can be. Nail treatments include a 60ml take-home tube of vanilla and mandarin hand hydrate.


Spa Alila’s unique approach recognises the individual in you, offering you the flexibility to design treatments according to your personal needs and preferences in consultation with our therapists. Using the following packaged treatments as a guide, enjoy the fun and freedom to create your very own spa experience choosing from a selection of interchangeable products and treatment enhancers.

- Beauty and Balance
A true skin toning beauty treatment with rich cocoa, coffee and coconut extracts. Locally grown coffee grounds gently exfoliate as the caffeine in the coffee draws out impurities and the coconut deeply conditions – a triple combination that gives skin a vivacious glow and a toned appearance. Treatment includes our signature foot bath ritual, a 60-minute massage of choice, a coffee and coconut body scrub, and then finished off with a cocoa and coffee body mask.

- Balinese Beauty Ritual
Balinese lulur powder is an ancient village remedy originating from the rice farmers of Bali. It has been handed down through generations and is recognised as a traditional medicine, believed to help warm the body, relieve aching joints and help treat skin problems. Herbs of sandalwood, fennel seed, star anise, eaglewood and fenugreek create this powerful healing remedy. Treatment includes a 60-minute Balinese Massage, a traditional lulur body scrub, a skin-softening body mask and a brightening mini facial.

- Balinese Massage and Purification Facial
A divine 90-minute combination that freshens the face and unwinds the body. Spa Junkies Paradise Two days of unlimited spa treatments. Any treatment, anytime, as much as you like. . .mmm!

- Treatment Enhancers
Add a little something extra special to your spa journey with any of these therapeutic experiences. 15 min neck and shoulder, back or foot massage 30 min full body exfoliation or body mask.


Body Scrubs Gentle and Kind – aloe vera , cucumber and chlorophyll A delightful mixture of aloe vera, African shea butter, French clay and organic Balinese sea salt with essential oil infusions of lavender and cucumber seed to help soothe and repair damaged or tired skin.

Comfort and Cleansing – ginger, lemongrass and orange A citrusy blend of fresh lemongrass, orange peel and ginger essential oils to help deep cleanse the pores. Papaya extracts and organic sea salt exfoliate dead skin cells and offer antifungal properties.

Deeply Detoxifying – coffee and coconut A thick scrubby paste of coconut, coffee and vanilla bean extracts combine with organic Bali palm sugar to create a skin toning and tautening remedy that also helps open pores and detoxify skin cells.

Body Masks Soothing – chamomile, green clay and geranium Enriched with phytonutrients and essential fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. Beneficial for treating skin irritations such as eczema, sunburn, rashes and tired, dry-looking skin.

Toning – cocoa seed, coffee and coconut This complex antioxidant blend is infused with oils of kukui nut and ylang-ylang flower. A base of ground coffee beans and purifying kaolin clay helps draw toxins from the skin leaving it smooth, toned and nourished.

Glowing – turmeric, cinnamon and ginger This earthy combination of exotic-sweet aromatic herbs helps stimulate new cell growth, softens fine lines and provides a youthful glow to your skin.


Arrival Please be early. Kindly arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment is scheduled. A late arrival means less spa time.

Reservations cancelled within 8 hours will be subject to a charge of 50% of the listed price. Treatment times may be changed subject to the approval of our spa host.

Spa Attire
Please wear comfortable attire. Robes and disposable underwear will be provided. You may choose to be naked, wear your own underwear or swimwear during your spa treatment.

Gentlemen, if you have chosen a facial, please shave before the treatment. Although not essential, it is definitely beneficial.

We have our very own blend of “Mother-to-be” massage oil and modified therapeutic treatments specially for expecting mums.

Our spa host will ask you regarding any health-related issues or known allergies. Simple patch tests will be performed before conducting any treatment to ensure the selected product is right for you.

All products used throughout Spa Alila are 100% natural, free from synthetic preservatives and additives. Continued Glow To continue your spa regime at home, our complete range of 100% natural products and testers is available at or within our Alila Living and Spa Alila retail stores.

Open Everyday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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Alila Ubud, Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572

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