Dharma Oasis Guest House


Since moving to the UK when he was 20, Indonesian-born Dandy Diwangkara pursued an artistic life. He went from a career as a ballet dancer and choreographer to interior design, before taking up yoga and meditation following intensive studies in the US and Tibet. In 2015 he bought a plot of land in Bali surrounded by forests, rice fields and temples. It is here where he created Dharma Oasis - a place where nature and elegance meet and draws you into a promised land far away from the hurly burly of modern daily life.

Filled with artworks and objects collected during its creator’s years of global travel, Dharma Oasis is a unique property where you can enjoy a Balinese traditional life, but with western standards of comfort. This 3 bedrooms property where you will be in the middle of nowhere has a wide infinity pool. The location is also the perfect departure to walk in Nature, enjoy relaxation and healthy local food.

+62 (0) 821-1240-0188

Selemadeg, Tabanan, West Bali 82162

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