2019 Corona Bali Protected | May 13 - 25


The world’s best professional surfers will return to Bali for Stop #3 on the World Surf League Championship Tour for the 2019 Corona Bali Protected. The event window runs May 13 - 25 at Keramas, a wave known to offer a mixture of intense tube rides, powerful open-face carves, and massive air opportunities. Beach access is free and open to the public for event viewing. VIP daily experiences are also available here.

Can't make it to the event? Watch the Corona Bali Protected live May 13 - 25 on worldsurfleague.com, the WSL App, or Facebook LIVE!

VIP Experiences:
Fans now have the exciting opportunity to experience Bali from an insiders’ lens with VIP Experiences at the Corona Bali Protected. Luscious waves. Black sand. Tour the island, stay in style, and soak in all the culture of this magical land. Personalized service. Beachfront pool suites. Champion-side viewing. Check out the below pass offerings and reserve now.

How you know It’s On:
Each morning of an event window the WSL Commissioners Office will make a decision about whether or not the contest will run that day based on waves and conditions. The call can either be: ON -- the event will run; Standby -- another call will be made at a later time that day; or OFF -- there will be no competition that day (also called a "lay day").

Fans can check worldsurfleague.com, the WSL App, or follow @wsl on social to stay up to date on when the event will be on.
Can't make it down to the event? Watch the competition LIVE on worldsurfleague.com or the WSL App

VIP Offering #1: The Atlas Pass (Daily) - $419.00 AUD
Choose your day. Choose your adventure.
Join the waitlist for each day you're able to attend. Through 'waitlisting,' you will pre-purchase Daily Atlas Passes for those days.

If we don't get called ON because the waves aren't pumping, your card won't be charged.
If we do, your payment will be automatically processed as soon as the call is made, and you'll get a notification to come down to the site for an epic day of surfing!

-Prime viewing, screens, and shade at the WSL VIP lounge for the day you purchase
-Complimentary food and drink at the WSL VIP lounge for the day you purchase
-Athlete meet and greet

VIP Offering #2: The Atlas Pass (Full Event) Bali - $1,829.00 AUD

Purchase The Atlas Pass (Full Event) for VIP access to the event every day it's ON - plus special experiences just for Atlas Pass (Full Event) holders!
- Prime viewing, screens, and shade at the WSL VIP lounge every day the competition is ON
- Complimentary food and drink at the WSL VIP lounge
- Athlete meet and greet
- VIP welcome bag
- VIP Access to concerts and parties

To make your selection click on the booking button.

For ticket inquiries, please email: ticketing@worldsurfleague.com

Keramas, Bali, Indonesia