2 Days 1 Night Camping and Adventure Activities in Nusa Penida


Leave all your worry and cares behind as you distance yourself away from civilisation and into the untouched wilderness of Nusa Penida.

Three fun adventure activities covered in this tour are:

1. Taking a Blissful Dip in a Natural Pool

Is this real life, or is this fantasy? This is the thought you will most probably have on this first stop of the tour.

Put your good trekking shoes on as you climb up the steep stairs (stairways to paradise, really) that will lead you to this hidden oasis. Once you reach the top, chances are you’d have never seen anything like this. What lies ahead is a naturally carved pool with temptingly refreshing water beckoning you to jump in. As you enjoy your blissful dip, be treated to the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean stretching out far into the horizon.

If you think the steep climb was challenging, wait till you try leaving this little paradise on earth. This natural pool is guaranteed to go on the top of your of the most stunning natural wonders in Bali!

2. Spending a Night in a Secluded Beach

Have you always dreamed of having your very own castaway beach? Well, you may stop fantasizing now as you embark on a day of camping at the secluded Atuh Beach.

Be warned of the immense beauty you will have to expose yourselves to: the jagged cliffs that romantically surround the hidden beach, long stretch of white sand, and unfettered ocean view. And of course, no camping is complete without a campfire. So, how about set up and enjoy one under the watchful eyes of a million stars? Don’t forget to bring a bottle of your favorite drink to accompany this memorable moment!

3. Snorkeling

It is no secret that Bali has some of the most beautiful underwater lives. Complete your tour with a snorkel into the turquoise water and be awed with the beauty that lies underneath.

You will be riding your bike along the coastline to a beautiful snorkeling site near the harbor. There, unmarred coral reefs that are teeming with thousands of colorful fishes is not a rare sight you will encounter – a splashing good time guaranteed!

* Pick up from Kuta, Ubud & Seminyak
* Meals are not included but you'll get recommendations from the guides on where to eat.

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Penida Island, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali

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