1 Day North Bali Appreciation - Sunrise, Trek & Secret Waterfall

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Tour leaves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with minimum two people on board including travel insurance and pick up from Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak. Itinerary:Start your day with a sunrise watch at Kintamani :Bali and its spectacular sunrises; these sights are so beautiful they should be considered as one of Bali?s most priced natural assets. There?s no better way to catch one of these majestic moments than to do it atop Kintamani. Brace yourselves as you will be greeted by golden rays emerging through the pinkish clouds that lightly float around Mount Batur as if they were feathers. If sacrificing your sleep may be a concern, fret not! The pick-up time will not be at some ungodly hours (like other sunrise trekking activities). Instead, you will be fetched at 5 AM and head straight to Kintamani peak, in a car. Do take note to bring some jackets as the air at the peak may be very chilly in the morning!Trek through the rice fields of Singaraja :After your encounter with the biggest star, the Sun that is, you will get to recover from this star-struck moment with a visit to the beautiful Singaraja rice field. Prepare your best trekking shoes as you will be going for a morning exercise (read: 30 minute hike) amongst the lush rice field. As you take in the breathtaking view that surrounds you, don?t miss the opportunity in joining the local experts (also known as farmers) in plowing the land with buffaloes. If you are feeling tired, how about reward yourself with some coconut freshly plucked from the nearby trees? Do take note that the trek will get more muddy at rainy seasons, best prepare yourself so you wont get stucked in a sticky situation!Swim at the less known Sekumpul Waterfall :After a panoramic Bali sunrise, and a trek through the wildly beautiful Singaraja rice fields, you will definitely wonder; can your day get any better than this? The answer is, yes of course!You will end off the trip with a leisurely swim at yet another stunning destination ? the hidden waterfalls laying somewhere in Sekumpul village. The exact location may be a secret, but its beauty is not; this particular waterfall is famous for its lofty stature and raw natural beauty. Will that be too much beauty in one day? Nah, you can handle it for sure. Go and prove this for yourself in this 1 day exploration in North Bali magical beauty!*Breakfast & Lunch included.*Pick up from Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak areas.

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