Aling-Aling Waterfall


The Aling-Aling Waterfall in Bali’s Buleleng Regency tumbles over a 114-foot (35-meter) cliff in two side-by-side streams flowing at completely different speeds—making it one of the most unique waterfalls in Bali. Visitors to the falls enjoy swimming in its pools, sliding down its natural water slide and leaping into the water from various heights. Surrounded by lush jungle, the waterfall and the area around it appeals to nature lovers, hikers and those simply looking to enjoy the great outdoors, with walking trails to several smaller waterfalls, including Pucuk, Kembar, Cemara, Canging, Dedari and Kroya falls.

Jalan Raya Desa Sambangan, Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali 81161