Company Profile

The Bali Bible journey began 5 years ago when founder, and frequent visitor to the island, Lani, began sharing her Bali holiday tips and secrets with friends and family. What started as a simple chain email, soon became a Facebook page, and with that - The Bali Bible was born. Within days the number of fans grew from 10 to 50, then from 50 to 500 - it was only a few weeks before the Bali Bible had over well 5,000 followers. Lani commented: “Once we achieved 5000 fans, we realised that we weren't the only people out there who were passionate about Bali and all this amazing Island paradise has to offer, we had to provide a way for people to be able to access this information quickly and easily.

Confident in the potential for growth, Lani enlisted in the help of her partner and tech guru, Simon. Together the couple worked to launch a user friendly website where they could continue to share their enormous wealth of knowledge on the island, free of charge. Today, offers deals on luxury & affordable accommodation, assistance with planning weddings and events, as well as information on some of Bali's trendiest new restaurants and bars.

'Most of our users are youthful, travel savvy, fun and keen to snag a good deal. It was clear to us early on that they wanted more than was on offer in traditional travel books. So all our information is from real experiences. While we offer deals, we only offer what we know to be, not only good value, but a good experience.' Mentioned partner Simon.

Responding to the demand from followers, the pair launched The Bali Bible free mobile app, which is now available in Australia and internationally via the Android, Apple and Amazon stores. Daily updates on social media outlets Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide inspiration for those dreaming of their islands getaway, or perhaps a little bit of escapism from the daily grind.

The Bali Bible now has over 1.2 million visits to its website each month, over 260,000 current app installls and 600,000+ followers across mainstream social media outlets with big name fans including Professional surfer Kelly Slater, Indonesian Princess Lindy Klim, Lauren Phillips and Wazim Akram to name a few.

The duo and their expanding team haven't stopped there. They have just released a new discounted flight facility that complements their exclusive discounts to villas and resorts and have now grown their team to include over 10 hand picked Balinese drivers, as well as a wedding and events manager to help those lucky enough to be celebrating in the Island Paradise.