The Bali Bible's very own photographer for every special occasion!


The Bali Bible has our own photographer based in Bali that looks after all of our friends and followers for all types of needs.

Brad was born in West Oz and lives in Bali with my his wife Morgan and son Kai. Living in Bali and being a photographer go hand in hand. Everyday Bali can offer something special for Brad. He has been living in Bali for just over 6 years now and has been able to capture so many amazing moments in that time. His photography has seen him travel all around the world but Bali like all of us has always drawn him back. His photography has expanded over the years from shooting just surfing to now Wedding, Portraits and Fashion which he has excelled at in all aspects. From the action of his surfing he has a unique ability to be able to transfer his learnings and style in to his other work and made it a point that he always capture those special moments that most of the time go unseen.

For all of those camera-savvy people our Professional equipment includes: 


- Canon 1DX 

- Canon 5D Mark 3

- Entire range from a 15 mm to a 500mm all pro lenses. 

- LiquidEye Water Housing 


Also available for ocean or speciality shots is the only 2012 Yahama Fx Sho jetski in Bali that allows you to get those really amazing photos.

We are also set up for Printing and to sell a variety of prints using Fine Art Paper or on canvas. All prints can be framed or rolled and sent anywhere in the world.

For availability and pricing please contact us on the form below... :)