bVilla is an oasis of cool in the middle of bustling Seminyak, Bali.

Exclusive one to three-bedroom private pool villas perfect for honeymooners; couples, friends or families looking for an experience to celebrate love, life and new beginnings; spa lovers seeking holistic renewals; hip young blood seeking life fun; kids and family friendly to celebrate the time together. Bvilla is a quiet place to stay, and a happening area to hang out.

Bvilla + Seaside is located only a couple of doors down from the well know 'Mister Zimi' clothing store and Sea Circus café.

Quality time with friends and family is made easy with every stay at bvilla+seaside. A short step away from one of Bali’s most famous stretch of pristine beaches, a buggy-ride away from bvilla’s lovely +spa, a breath away from the lively restaurants and shops Seminyak has to offer, not even a second away from Bali’s foremost homage to good living and first-class service. Swim, play, laugh, and love. At bvilla+seaside, creating memories comes naturally. Bvilla + spa is located next to Bvilla + pool a few blocks behind Ulimo restaurant. Walking distance to Jalan Oberoi and seminyak beach.

It’s really true… heaven is a place on earth! Nestled in a quiet corner of Braban 63 Seminyak, bvilla’s signature +spa is an absolute oasis for those seeking to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Based on ancient natural healing traditions passed through the generations, our approach is really quite simple: we only use proven-effective treatments and the freshest ingredients available to best do the job while pampering all five of your senses in glorious harmony. Resistance on your part will be utterly futile. Surrender into blissful oblivion.

Bvilla + poolbvilla+pool is designed with the young bloods in mind. Think Bali is the perfect spot to party and let loose? Reckon having fun is all about dancing the night away with fellow beautiful people, singing along the funky music, feeling the vibe, tasting some of that delish grub, while playin’ pool and swiggin’ buckets of ice cold beer? Hey now, then you’re just our type of guests!