Most Decadent Desserts in Bali

Do you pick restaurants based on the dessert menu? Here is a preview of the best desserts at the best restaurants on the island. WARNING: Hardcore food porn ahead...

Merah Putih

Markissa- Passion Fruit and Touch Ginger Brulee, Salam Cake

Ku De Ta

Caramel Apple Tart Puff Pastry, Yogurt Sorbet, Apple Chip


Tolberone Ice cream - Flavours of Honeycomb, frangelico, Chocolate, Flaked Almonds, frozen at the table at minus 210°Celsius, served as the 'Barbacoa Waffle Cone'

Uma by Como

Valrhona Chocolate Nemesis: Poached Pineapple, Almond Mascarpone

Cuca Flavor 

Bali Breakfast: The dish most photographed in Cuca. Whipped Creamy Coconut, Excitingly Sour Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt and Bursting Sweet Runny Mango “Yolk”


Balinese chocolate cake with white chocolate & rum ganache & cashew nut ice creamKu De Ta
Caramel Apple Tart Puff Pastry, Yogurt Sorbet, Apple Chip


Chocolate Mousse with Cassia Bark, Cocoa Crisps and Kumquats

Seminyak Italian

Panacotta - Crisp Sweet Sicilian Pastry Filled with 3 Flavours, Ricotta-Candied Fruit, Chocolate Zabaglione, Vanilla Crème Patisserie & Strawberry Honey

Merah Putih

Liquid Desserts Menu – Mini Martinis Paired With Tiny Treats

Plantation Grill 

Bombe Alaska - Raspberry and Coconut Ice-Crem, Liquid Surprise Centre, Covered in Vanilla Meringue, Flambéed like You Remember in Loads of Cointreau


Pista Choc Soufflé - Caraibe Chocolate Soufflé, Pistachio Parfait, Grapefruit Confit and Vanilla Cream


EROS - Guiness, Chocolate ice cream, Whipped Cream, Cocoa Sauce Served with Orange Sorbet, Lime Salt and Cocoa Powder

Uma by Como

Semifreddo: White Chocolate, Ginger, Coffee Poached Pears, Walnuts

Jumana restaurant

Chocolate Tower. It’s a chocolate & lemon mousse, candied rhubarb, ginger crumble and cardamom ice cream