10 of Bali’s MUST TRY Spa treatments

Bali is the place to indulge and what better way to indulge than booking some pampering at one of the island’s leading Day Spas.

These spas have come up with some of the most unique and covetable treatments that we’ve come across on the island so far.

Why not go beyond the off street foot reflexology and really indulge yourself on your next trip to Bali?

AMO Spa Seminyak

Treatment: Body Scrub

Be presented with a selection of lushly scented oils to be matched with different textured scrubs so you can be scrubbed with the right combination of materials for your skin. Be scrubbed in firm motions to rid your skin of dull and dead skin before being thoroughly massaged to increase circulation and stimulate skin repair.  Then your therapist will turn on a showers system unique to AMO Spa Seminyak where water will gently cascade from the ceiling whilst you are rinsed off and pat dry by your therapist. This treatment can be enjoyed by couples too.

Prana Spa

Treatment: Jewel Of The Nile 240 Minutes Of Luxury Private Suite

This decadent treatment includes Egyptian Foot Cleansing, Gold Infused Royal Massage, Precious Stone Alignment, Genuine Pearl Facial, Crown Therapy, Cleopatra Milk Bath and your choice of bottle of red, white or sparkling wine and selected canapés. 

Submerge your soles into the Nile as your feet are cleansed, exfoliated and bathed in a bath of colourful precious stones. Fall into a tranquil state of luxury as your body is carefully and therapeutically massaged with the ultimate in luxury, 24 Karat Gold infused massage oil. Gold has long been admired for its therapeutic properties as well as its adoring beauty. This profoundly relaxing massage will evolve into the anointing of the seven chakras as carefully selected precious gemstones are placed on each energy centre to encourage flow of positive vibrations. Continue with a Genuine Pearl Facial of pure Pearl powder which will be masked upon your face to brighten and enhance this opulent facial. Attention will then be brought to the heavens as you experience the Crown Therapy, using warm oils and rosemary to nourish the scalp. This tranquil journey down the Nile is complete with a Legendary Cleopatra Milk Bath. 


Spring Spa

Treatment:  Mum and Bump Massage

Indulge in a little pregnancy pampering with Spring Spa's specialised massage for mums-to-be. Their pregnancy massage will focus on relieving areas of tension, common leg and hip aches to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in an amazing surrounding that Spring Spa has become famous for!

Gold Dust

Treatment: Gold dust facial

This signature GOLDUST 90 minute treatment slows collagen depletion, stimulates circulation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. While the GOLD works its magic you are treated to a luxurious scalp, hand and foot massage. This extravagant treatment is suitable for all skin types, leaving you with luminous and radiant skin.

Lady Marmalade

Treatment: V-Steam

Lady Marmalade’s ancient Asian remedy detoxes the vaginal passage using herb-infused steam to ease menstrual cramps, balance out hormones and pH balance. This 30 minute treatment is surprisingly pleasant and very popular.

Cleopatra Spa

Treatment: 3 Hour Slimming Therapy

Begin with a gentle warm towel, head to toe body wash. This is followed by a luxurious 1 hour full body massage, using Cleopatra’s signature organic herbal blend, designed to burn excess fat and reduce cellulite. Then continue slimming and sculpting with a full body wrap, in Cleopatra Spas signature organic slimming body mask. Finally, slip into a specially prepared bath filled with our signature slimming recipe and unwind.


Treatment: Bliss 1 hour massage

This treatment will knock you out and take your straight to heaven. The divine four hand Bliss massage at Bodyworks Spa is one of the most luxurious treatments to try out at Bodyworks . This massage involves fluid long huna like massage strokes with two therapists that work in synchronized  massage movements . The strange and delightful feeling of having two people working on your body seems to have the double effect of melting every ache, pain and bit of tension out of your body . Banish stress for good! Followed by a warm flower bath soak to wind up the spa session  you will be floating out of the door ready to embrace a Bali sunset cocktail.

Sundari Day Spa

Treatment: Collagen Induction Therapy
Micro-needling triggers the skin’s natural healing response, promoting collagen synthesis and intercepting future signs of aging. It also allows for maximal absorption of our highly concentrated serums, which restore hydration and suppleness to stressed and damaged skin, resulting in a bright and luminous skin tone with improved skin texture and reduced pore size.

Double Six Hotel Acqua Perla Spa

Treatment: Ready to Rock 150 minute Ritual

A specially crafted ritual to make you feel fabulous, perfect for that special day: honeymoon, anniversary or birthday enjoyed solo or with a partner.

Begin with the Foot Ritual to cleanse your feet. Next refresh the old you and rejuvenate your skin with the softening Cendana body exfoliation. Then immerse yourself in a colourful citrus bath ritual. This is followed by a Classic Balinese Massage bringing the wisdom of the ages to heal and rejuvenate body and soul.  


Hotel Tugu Purnama & Tilem Massage

Treatment: Energy of the Bali Moon

Purnama, in Balinese means Full Moon, and Tilem means New Moon. During the Purnama, Balinese worship the Goddess Sang Hyang Chandra, whereas during Tilem, they pray to God Sang Hyang Surya. The Balinese believe that to bathe in water perfumed by the fragrant petals of the frangipani flower under the light of the full moon will wash away your impurities. The treatment begins with a small blessing ceremony by the sea with blessed water from the Batu Bolong Temple. You are then led to the outdoor area of the Warong Djamoe Spa. The massage itself, 75 minutes long and using frangipani oil begins with long, soft strokes that are inspired by the soft caress of the Moonlight and the crashes of the waves under the moonlight. The strokes gradually become stronger, before they are replaced with strong, rotating circles using wrists and knuckles, reflecting the energies of the full moon. The massage ends with soft long strokes, and is followed with a tranquil herb and frangipani bath, and a closing ceremony using blessed water.