You Can Have a Great Vacation During a Pandemic and Here's How

Sep 05, 2020
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The introduction of COVID-19 has turned everyone's lives upside down in one way or another. Over the last several months, people have lost jobs, businesses and livelihoods. Children have been learning through a computer screen, with parents scrambling to make it all work. Thousands passed away, became sick or were left dealing with the aftermath of the virus. And as spring and summer rolled around, it became all too common for families to cancel their long-awaited vacations. But recently, life has begun its return to a new normal. People are going back to work, children are returning in some capacity to school, and many families are finally taking much-needed vacations. If you're someone who is in dire need of a vacation of your own, keep reading for why COVID-19 doesn't need to get in the way of your plans.

Because a Vacation Doesn't Always Mean Traveling

While some of the most memorable and relaxing vacations might require hopping on a plane or spending many hours in the car, that doesn't mean they all do. One of the best vacation spots might be right under your nose. Have you ever considered a staycation? Imagine this. You don't have to pack, you can sleep in your own bed and there's no travel time involved. You might be surprised with how relaxing time spent at home is when the overall objective is to rest, revive and restore.

 Planning ahead will help a lot here. Little things will go a long way, such preparing a special meal reminiscent of the one you raved about during your last island vacation. Also, be picky about who you share your plans with. Protect the time you've taken off so you're not pressured into spending it ways you'd rather not. If you've got room in your budget and the outdoor space, consider upgrading your space with a pool. This is something that will not only entertain your entire family for years to come, it will turn your home into one of the hottest staycation spots you know. If you're interested but curious as to if you can afford it, check in with pool loan companies to see what your options are. Having an amazing backyard could be your reality and a big improvement to your home.

Because Life Is Too Short

For a good stretch of time, everyone was asked to stay home to flatten the curve. Eventually, life had to move forward and even though things are different now with social distancing and other restrictions in place, people are finding their way through this new normal. This includes finally taking vacation, even if it looks different than the original plans. This is such good news, considering the devastating impact staying at home due to the pandemic has had on so many. While today's environment is far from how it used to be, getting out and doing things again is wonderful for regaining and maintaining a sense of normalcy. It's essential to note that because things are different now, you'll want to make sure you're well prepared for whatever you might encounter during your travels. Unfortunately, you might find it tough to relax and be present if you're experiencing anxiety or worries about the virus. There are things you can do to manage this anxiety, such as scheduling time to worry or master some breathing techniques.

?The takeaway? Do your best to embrace today's new normal. Grab your family and go away for the weekend, even if it's not the vacation you hoped for. Take a day trip here or there to break up the monotony. Live your life to the best of your ability.

Can’t Get a Refund 

What if you can’t get a refund on that trip you booked to Bali? Well in that case, you could follow the airline's recent guidelines on how to travel safely and go on your trip anyway. Just make sure to bring precautions and stay healthy. If you do decide to go on your trip, check out this article on how to stay healthy before your trip to Bali. 


Even during these pandemic times, it's still possible to enjoy life. Maybe it will take a different shape than you envisioned, but that can also lead to something amazing.