Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Travel

Nov 20, 2020
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Introducing your child to the exciting adventures of traveling can open the door of knowledge and wonder to their eyes. Traveling can be a great way for them to see the world and experience something out of the ordinary. If your child is a young adult and slowly reaching college years, it's vital to instill in them what traveling can do for them. Here's just a few reasons why you should encourage your child to travel.

Traveling Teaches Independence

Having your child travel on their own as they are about to enter adulthood is a great way for them to learn about independence and being on their own. It's such a liberating feeling at such a young age to have all responsibility on you. It's inspiring and such a unique experience in itself that opens the door for them to gain that confidence in who they are to take care of themselves. 

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness is beautiful for anyone young to discover. You want your child to live life knowing that there are people in other parts of the world with different norms and lifestyles. You want them to understand that their lifestyle isn't the only one in existence. You want your child to be able to be a well-rounded person who sees the beauty in other cultures across the globe. A well-traveled person meets others from all walks of life, and gains knowledge and wisdom from everybody he or she meets. Help your child to be culturally aware and their life will be greatly enriched because of it.

Seeing Life From The Outside

Having your child see life from the outside is a great way for them to discover what they are and also build their character as they continue to grow as young adults. Traveling allows you to be an outsider and not fit in, allowing you to digest how other people live. Your kid could use this unique experience to discover more about themselves and those around them who aren't exactly the same. Your child can see how other people live, including how other cultures take care of the environment by buying a solar power system for their home. 

Be Immersed In Another Language

Having your child be immersed in another language will teach them about patience and knowing how to listen. Nothing beats getting to learn another language while actually being in that location and getting the experience in person. 

What Is A Gap Year? 

If your child is about to enter college or has already spent a year or two studying, consider giving them the chance to have a gap year. A gap year is when a student takes a year off from school to do other things. Oftentimes, traveling during this time is the best thing to do, and it's the perfect time to experience the world before graduating. 

There are several gap year pros and cons, and one of the main pros is that it opens the door for them to travel internationally. Gap years let them breathe and focus their time for a year to take up new hobbies and learn new things before getting right back into school. 

The only downside to taking a gap year is that it takes away from school and means they won't finish at the same time as those they started school with. It's all about understanding the reason why taking a gap year is good that makes it worth it. A gap year is a wonderful way to learn outside of school and continue to grow who they are.


You want your child to grow up having a strong sense of the world, how other countries operate, and also what they do to survive from day to day. Having a child who is a world traveler opens the door for them to gain insight on the world and also on who they are as people. Having them take a gap year allows them to discover things about themselves and their future. It allows them to reassess and think about what they truly want. Let them travel and find themselves in the process.