08 Nov, 2018

Why Bali is the easiest place to be vegan in the world

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The Balinese might love their Babi - Pig, but their culture also celebrates a deep respect for the surrounding environment and its creatures, this philosophical outlook fitting in perfectly with the vegan way of life and leading to some world-class vegan restaurants and events springing up all over the island. Check out our Top 16 Vegan Restaurants.


Even if you’re not vegan yourself, but still vegan-curious, the Bali Vegan Festival is a fabulous event to broaden your knowledge and get inspired around this alternative way of living.

Another internationally renowned vegan community celebration is the Bali Spirit Festival. This meeting of western and eastern vegan traditions is truly unique. With over two hundred workshops in cooking, yoga, dance, music, meditation, and so many other wonderful wellness practices, all run by leading experts, lose yourself in all things vegan.

Beyond food, Bali also offers some pretty unique, vegan-friendly shopping options. Like ‘Indosole’, a company specialising in turning old tires and waste materials into high-quality footwear. Definitely the right fit for the more socially conscious shopper.