While Traveling, How to keep Yourself Fit with Yoga - A Complete Guide

Mar 05, 2020
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Any yoga enthusiast will do anything to stick to their yoga routine. Why? Because they discovered the amazing benefits that are associated with it. Traveling happens to play a significant role in our lives. You have to set some things aside for a while to tour the world or make a business trip. Being on the road doesn't have to strip you of your efforts to stay healthy. You have to improvise a bunch of things when traveling to create room for others. So, don't cross yoga out of your to-do list yet.

In this article, we're going to concentrate on effective ways of maintaining yoga as a priority while traveling.

Find local yoga classes

It is impossible not to find a place offering yoga classes when you travel. Free yoga classes are available in churches, workplaces, and even Facebook events. A yoga studio is a beautiful setting for executing your practice. It provides an atmosphere that is necessary for concentration. Go to Google and type “Yoga studios near me” to get dozens of listed places from which you can choose. Let’s say you are exploring historic bridges in India for a few days. You can even try a yoga in rishikesh to deepen your understanding. You can deepen your yoga practice through spiritual yoga practice that can be described well being in spiritual place.

Invest in a portable yoga mat

You can engage in yoga without a yoga mat in case you have no trouble doing it. But if you don’t want to endure any restriction when performing your favorite relaxation technique, then you need the mat. Adding some light and fordable yoga mat to your luggage isn’t much of a big deal, especially when you know the goodness that comes out of it. A Manduka super light yoga mat is an example of a high-quality yoga mat for travelers.

Get a Yoga Mobile App on your Smartphone

If you are traveling to a remote location, you should consider downloading an official yoga app. The app helps in saving time and extra costs spent on distant yoga classes. Many free applications are available for this purpose. Try premium apps because they are more efficient. Asana rebel is one useful app that provides complete tutorials on yoga poses. Such apps are suitable for helping you remain on track.

Explore new ways to practice yoga

You can try out your creative ideas of practicing yoga. Take short breaks from your daily activities to do some simple poses at a comfortable nearby spot. Some flat ground with grass is excellent for practice. Start with a few standing poses, do some meditation and you are good to go. Quick yin yang yoga poses are useful when you don’t have the time for a total yoga workout.

Connect with other Yogis

Use Instagram or any other social media platform to find yogis around your location. Meeting some new yogi pals will increase your knowledge of yoga. Also, being close to people who love yoga the way you do keeps you motivated. With such motivation, you will acquire more benefits from yoga.


Shirley Gifford
I started yoga about a year ago, and now I can not spend a day without it. This is a completely new quality of life, mind and body.
2 years ago