When is the best time to go to Bali?

Jun 23, 2020
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When is the best time to go? Is the rainy season really terrible? Read our weather guide to Bali! Find out about the best time for a beach holiday and surf. And if you interesting in essay writing, you can read illustration example essay topics for new ideas to your artciles. The rainy season in Bali lasts five months (November - March), of which the rainiest are December, January and February. Is the rainy season so terrible? No, that just sounds scary. In fact, rainfall is only a few hours, and even then mostly at night. In the afternoon they also happen - they begin abruptly and end abruptly in the same way. Usually then the sun comes out and dries everything. You can tan, even if it is cloudy!

The most unusual in the weather in Bali is that if it rains on one part of the island, it can be dry at a distance of 20-30 km from this place. We felt this on ourselves: in Ubud it can be stuffy and hot, and at a certain distance it can be cool and cloudy.

The main disadvantage of the low season is the increased humidity. Many heat and humidity are difficult to tolerate. Especially exhausting stuffiness at night, so be sure to book a hotel with air conditioning! And even in the rainy season, it is not easy to plan excursions and trips. Especially water - they can be canceled due to large waves.

Another fat minus is muddy water, big waves and garbage on the beaches. The temperatures of water and air are almost the same - someone likes it, but I don’t. I love water cooler.

From the pros: there are almost no tourists, and the prices for holidays are loyal, including for tours. Ripe many fruits. Some tourists believe that it is better to relax in Bali in the low season, and specially go to soak up the spa.

When Bali's Beach Vacation Season

To spend as much time as possible on the beach and go on excursions, it is definitely best to relax in Bali in the dry season. It starts in April, but tourists come in large numbers from May to the end of October. At this time, the weather is ideal for relaxation - there is no excess humidity and there is almost no rain.

The surfing season in Bali, in principle, lasts all year round, just that each month has its own characteristics. Surfers most like July and August, when the correct waves are formed. The minus of the beach holiday season in Bali is all expensive. Tourists are full, and prices for services and tours are rising. If you want to find good weather and not so high prices, do as we do - come at the beginning of the high season. This is May and partly June. April is not bad, but stuffy.

Bali Monthly Weather


Let's start in April - this is a transition to the dry season. Rains are rare, and if there are, then in the evening and at night. During our vacation, only a couple of times they were in the afternoon. Humidity is not as comfortable as in summer - quite stuffy and humid.

But this is a great time to travel to the waterfalls, because they are full-flowing. The buzz is to leave the hot coast or the center of the island in the cool mists of mountain Bali. We rode a bike to the lava fields, mountain lakes, rice terraces and waterfalls. Such a beauty! Just grab raincoats and warm clothes, because the mountains are cool and rainy.


We did not notice a significant difference between the weather in May and April - it is equally warm and good (32 ° C during the day), it rains at night. Is that humidity a little lower. Water temperature 28 ° ?. For active beach activities and excursions - that's it!

This is the beginning of the tourist season, and the rest is not so expensive - you can find a tour and cheaper housing. For example, we in Ubud rented a two-story villa with a pool for $ 60 per day on Airbnb. Extra Bonus - Delicious Durians! We have not tried such delicious anywhere else (and at the same time cheap!). In May, quite a few durians are sold in villages closer to the mountains and along mountain roads.

The most popular excursions:

When to go to Bali

Here is such a juicy green pleasing to the eye after the rainy season in Bali. These are Jatiluwih paid rice terraces, but in the north we found free and no less beautiful!

June - September

It is during these months that it is best to relax in Bali! The weather conditions are excellent: in the afternoon 31 ° C, the sea - fresh milk. It rains very rarely, the humidity is comfortable, the feeling of stuffiness at night leaves. The least rainy in August. These months are great for island trips, beach and nightlife. You can watch dolphins, surf, diving and fishing, go water skiing and jet skiing.