What to taste from Balinese cuisine

Jan 15, 2021
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Ayam Betutu


Ayam Betutu is made of chicken with spices inside. The spices consist of turmeric, ginger, kencur, galangal, onion, garlic, salam leaf, and chilies. All these spices are mixed and put inside the chicken. That is why it is called Ayam Betutu. 

Ayam Betutu is usually served in Balinese traditional ceremonies such as Odalan, Otonan, wedding ceremony, etc.

If you are a fan of processed chicken dishes, you must try one of these Balinese cuisine. Ayam Betutu (Chicken Betutu) dish which is made from chicken or duck, which contains the whole spices, then roasted in the husk fire. Ayam Betutu used as food in religious ceremonies and traditional ceremonies. Now, chicken betutu can be enjoyed in a variety of restaurants. Consumers not only society of Bali, but also overseas visitors who come to Bali. Ayam Betutu is one of the dish proud by people of Bali. Chicken or duck to be in though usually wrapped in banana leaves, then wrapped again with the stem nut, so wrapped tightly. Duck or chicken grown in a hole in the ground and covered with hot coals for 6 to 7 hours until cooked.



Lawar is one of Famous Balinese dishes, lawar usually cooked by man, in penampahan day (the day before galungan) every balinese family usually cooked Lawar, the story from long long tie ago, lawar is also Balinese offering, lawar is usually cooked from pork, beef or chicken. the skin is used for RAMES ( mince of skin ) and then the meat is used for MADAM ( mince meat mix spices cooked with water ). 

The process is RAMES, MADAM, mince Vegetable/young fruits likes ( jackfruit/Papaya ) and Sambal ( Balinese Flavour ) mixed in one place, some times Lawar is mixed with uncooked blood, up to your taste. generaly the process of cooked lawar is like that.

Lawar Nangka – used young jackfruits, Lawar Gedang – Used Young Papaya, Lawar Klungah, Lawar Kacang.. and many more,,,Lawar is the most favorite cooking during religious ceremony or any family occasion. If there is a ceremony or any event of Bali tradition, Lawar is the first plan in cooking activity. Lawar is pleasant if eat with TUAK ( balinese drink ). to find lawar in Bali is so easy, many balinese food stall provide Lawar.

Babi Guling Bali


Babi Guling is a roasted suckling pig, and cooked with smear Balinese turmeric and oil. first take out the bowel of pig and then a suckling pig is skewer and then rolled / grilled over a ember made from dried coconut shells, inside the pig is stuffed many special flavor and cassava leaf. and then grilled until all done.

The intestines of pig is used for URUTAN ( balinese sausage ). in ubud village there are tree kind of urutan. ORET, SEMUWUK and URUTAN. ORET is pig intestines with blended Balinese potato ( sela ), flour, pig blood and balinese spices inside. SEMUWUK : same with ORET but without pig blood and change with egg. ORET and SEMUWUK is boiled first after that grilled until done. and then URUTAN is stuffed with pork and balinse spices inside, and fried until it is brownish.

Originally Babi Guling and Urutan is made for Balinese ritual ceremony. but now Babi Guling and Urutan can be found in many restaurants and certain hotels in Bali area. Babi Guling well-known as Be Guling.

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