What to see in Bali?

Mar 04, 2020
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I traveled to Bali and would like to start writing my blog about this beautiful island. Since I work as a writer in the FamilyEssay service, my blog will be written very high quality. You will be interested to read it.People who have never been to Bali have often asked, "What to see in Bali? What did you like most about it?" In this article, we decided to give a small selection of what in our opinion deserves the most attention.


The island of Bali is known not only for its beaches, but for its magnificent temples, which number about 20,000 on the island. Many of them are already many hundreds of years old, which makes them even more interesting.


The island is located in a zone of volcanic activity and on its territory there are two active volcanoes - Gunung - Agung and Gunung - Batur. The height of the peak of the Gunung - Agung volcano is 3142m. It is the highest point on the island of Bali. The second volcano is noticeably lower, its height is 1717m. To get to the top, you can buy an excursion, or on your own.


There are several lakes on the island of Bali, the largest of which is the sacred lake Batur, located next to the volcano Gunung Batur (Kintamani). Several more lakes are located next to each other in the very center of the island.

Rice terraces

Probably there is not a single tourist who, passing the rice terraces, did not stop to admire this man-made beauty. Terraces are usually concentrated closer to the central part of the island and have several tiers. Great place for photos.

Heger beach

According to most people who visited it, this is the best beach in Bali. If you like a beach holiday, then arriving in Bali, you should definitely visit here.

Underwater world

In the northern part of the island there are many great places for diving and snorkeling (snorkelling). Near the beaches there are many coral reefs rich in marine life. If you have never tried scuba diving, then Bali is one of the best places in the world for exploring the underwater world.

Sunset and dawn

This is one of the most beautiful natural attractions that can be seen on the island. In Bali, you can watch the sunset and dawn from many points on the beaches or from the tops of volcanoes.

National Balinese Dances

Dances play one of the main roles in the cultural life of the Balinese and you can see them not only on special holidays, but on any other day. Bali residents believe that dancing can scare away evil spirits. Balinese dances are often arranged as entertainment shows for tourists right in hotels, restaurants and specially designed dance venues.

There are several traditional Balinese dances:

-Legong is a dance of nymphs and angels. It is considered the most beautiful and most difficult dance. Such a dance used to be performed in palaces.

-Ketchak is a monkey dance. This is probably the most famous of the national dances of Bali. It is attended by 150 Balinese, who stand in a circle and represent the monkey army of General Hanuman. This dance can be seen every evening before sunset, next to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple.

-Rangda and Barong. The barong in the mask of a lion or tiger depicts the embodiment of the forces of good, and Rangda - the embodiment of the forces of evil. Together they dance with daggers, depicting a confrontation that never ends.

-Hauk is a male dance. It is named after a demon named Hawk.

-Shanghuang Haran (dance of fire). In this dance, the young man falls into a trance and on an imaginary horse walks on hot coals to expel evil spirits from the village.

Artisan villages

If you want to buy some souvenirs as a souvenir before returning home, it is best to go after them to the villages of artisans. The villages located in the depths of the island specialize in the manufacture of various souvenirs, which then fall on the shelves of souvenir shops.

If you come to these villages yourself, then the same product can be bought much cheaper, and there will be more choices. Most often, tourists from Bali bring various products from gold, silver and wood, fabrics, figurines.